Thursday, 22 September 2011

Black and White

Vintage Leather Jacket
Unknown T-shirt
New Look Jeans
H&M White Trainers

This is my favourite item of clothing ever! (the jacket) I bought it off ebay for £9 including postage and packaging. It's an origional vintage biker jacket from the eighties. So happy with it! 

I took my dog for a walk today in the woods as I don't get to do much with him anymore because I have so much work, so my mum looks after him loads. All the blurry shots are due to him ALWAYS moving!

Hope you like :)

Monday, 19 September 2011

Autumn, Jacket Time.

New Look Top
Unknown Jacket
Gap Jeans

I bought this jacket at a shop a little like TK Maxx, re-selling designer items. I actually don't know where this was from origionally though. I love everything about it except maybe the colour. It is a little beige and would look better camel, but, it will do. They had one in topshop for £60, and this only cost me £10, so I was willing to lose the colour slightly for £50. The jeans are from Gap! Crazyyy! I never shop there but I got a voucher for £25 so I went to check it out and got these for £20. I'll post more with them in so your can see better.

Ciao! xx

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Holding On To Summer

H&M Top
New Look Vest Top
River Island Boots
Ebay Crochet Skirt

Here are some photos from my final days of summer. I bought this crochet skirt off ebay a couple of weeks ago, as I saw one in Next. I don't generally shop there but I had some time to kill and was really surprised when I found a beautiful skirt identicle to this one, but in navy blue. However.... it was £40; for a skirt, I wasn't willing to pay that much! So glad I found this on ebay, and it only cost me £2.50!

Hope you like the pictures. xxxx

Monday, 12 September 2011

The Boots

River Island Boots
New Look Denim Jeans
New Look Jumper

The top picture is of Isabel Marant boots which I saw on and fell in love with! But obviously I do not possess enough money to buy such beautiful boots. So when I saw the River Island alternatives in a magazine I was elated! They were £65 which I was contemplating on spending, as that is still a lot for me! Then a couple of weeks ago they were on sale for £30!!! So I bought them ASAP. I would've liked them in tan, but I got them online and they only had beige. Oh well, I still love them!

I bearly shop at new look anymore but I got these jeans a while ago as they were on offer, and they actually fit pretty well! Also I got this jumper recently as it has a nice touch with the elbow pads, but they aren't really visible in these pictures. It's about 5 sizes too big but I prefer to wear oversized jumpers rather than tight, fitted ones that look too small.

I hope you like them!

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Harvest Supper

 Vintage Silver Hair Piece
Ebay Aran Jumper

So last night I went with my family to the harvest supper, which we go to every year. It's full of farmers but it's great because the food is amazing and the atmosphere is so nice. Everyone sits on haybales in a big marquee, and talks for hours. Plus, my ulterior motive for going, they make the best bread EVER!

It's always freezing so I wore my cable knit aran jumper which I found on ebay last year, which meant for the first time I wasn't complaining about the cold. My mum gave me the hair piece last year, and I'm wearing it so much now it's so pretty. I added a flick of eyeliner to my eyes which made a nice change, as I usually keep it natural with just some mascara.


Thursday, 8 September 2011


Hey, so my name is Isobel, and I live in the middle of nowhere. So when I get out I love it, whether it's to meet with friends or go shopping. This is my blog mostly about fashion, and I hope you like it.