Monday, 19 September 2011

Autumn, Jacket Time.

New Look Top
Unknown Jacket
Gap Jeans

I bought this jacket at a shop a little like TK Maxx, re-selling designer items. I actually don't know where this was from origionally though. I love everything about it except maybe the colour. It is a little beige and would look better camel, but, it will do. They had one in topshop for £60, and this only cost me £10, so I was willing to lose the colour slightly for £50. The jeans are from Gap! Crazyyy! I never shop there but I got a voucher for £25 so I went to check it out and got these for £20. I'll post more with them in so your can see better.

Ciao! xx

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  1. I love this little jacket... so chic and understated. Gorgeous hair too =)