Monday, 12 September 2011

The Boots

River Island Boots
New Look Denim Jeans
New Look Jumper

The top picture is of Isabel Marant boots which I saw on and fell in love with! But obviously I do not possess enough money to buy such beautiful boots. So when I saw the River Island alternatives in a magazine I was elated! They were £65 which I was contemplating on spending, as that is still a lot for me! Then a couple of weeks ago they were on sale for £30!!! So I bought them ASAP. I would've liked them in tan, but I got them online and they only had beige. Oh well, I still love them!

I bearly shop at new look anymore but I got these jeans a while ago as they were on offer, and they actually fit pretty well! Also I got this jumper recently as it has a nice touch with the elbow pads, but they aren't really visible in these pictures. It's about 5 sizes too big but I prefer to wear oversized jumpers rather than tight, fitted ones that look too small.

I hope you like them!

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  1. luv those booties , your so photogenic, really love your photos! you deserve like 1000000 followers, check out my new post? xoxox